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Social Must-Haves

Social Must-Haves

Right now, we are amid a global pandemic that is changing life as we know it. This is something unprecedented for the vast majority of the population, but especially for younger people. A group that may thrive off of always being social, going out, and having fun, is suddenly bound inside for safety reasons, without a clear end in sight. 

College students are especially impacted: they’re navigating remote classrooms and an uncertain job market awaits them upon graduation.

In these times, isolation can be a difficult thing to manage, but social media can provide a valuable outlet. Not only is it a chance to communicate with people that you can’t see in person, but this is also a treasure trove of content to pass the time and find enjoyment opportunities while complying with social distancing. Here’s a look at some of the must-have platforms and how you can start using them.


Instagram is among the most popular social networking platforms today. This is primarily based around visual content, sharing photos and video content with other people, as well as participating in larger trends via hashtags. 

How are people using Instagram?

The Instagram Live feature was designed to allow the platform to showcase longer videos, and with more and more people staying at home, content creators are making use of it. The trend of “Instagram Live” battles between famous music producers is an excellent example of this. These events are getting worldwide engagement and providing escapism during this turbulent time.

Who should I follow on Instagram?

One major thing to note about social media is that there are macro-and micro-influencers, and most people follow a combination of both. By raw metrics, celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande have some of the largest follower counts. However, more people are invested in smaller-scale content producers focusing on topics more important to them.

Sign up for an Instagram account here.


One thing that may surprise you about YouTube is that it’s technically the second largest search engine in the world behind Google. As a result, you can find information on just about any topic on this massive video network. 

How are people using YouTube?

Most people record their videos then post them on YouTube. The comments system, as well as boards on the channel pages, also allow content creators to interact with their followers. During isolation, these and live streams are a great way for people to reach out to each other.

Who should I follow on YouTube?

Unable to put out their standard content, many content creators are focusing on trying to put out content targeted explicitly towards those bored in quarantine. Food Network personality Alton Brown’s “Quarantine Qwitchen” is a good example. Relaxation, mediation, and mental health channels may also be useful resources for those dealing with heavy stress. With that said, there’s a YouTube channel for just about every niche you can think of, so put those search capabilities to work.

Sign up for a YouTube account here.


Linkedin is a bit of an odd addition to this list at first glance. After all, the other two options were mostly about recreation, but Linkedin is strictly focusing on business networking. Building your network is vital for college students and recent graduates to connect them to potential opportunities. This is especially important because many of the other means of networking are on hold due to stay-at-home orders. For younger people trying to get a foothold in their careers, this may be an essential step to secure things like remote internships or interviews.

How are people using Linkedin?

Aside from reaching out to potential contacts, Linkedin is useful to follow trends in your industry of interest as well. Just sign up to a few groups in your niche and comment/read the content that comes through your feed.

Who should I follow on Linkedin?

This isn’t a question with a specific answer, as everyone has different career paths. With this said, if someone is a leader in your niche, they likely have a Linkedin page to follow their content.

Sign up for a Linkedin account here.

This is a difficult time for everyone, and even those who don’t have anyone we know that’s ill may be struggling by the sudden advent of isolation. Missing out on favorite hobbies and times with friends and loved ones can take a mental toll. With this said, the advent of social media has given us a new medium to stay connected, even if we have to remain apart.

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