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Don’t Let the New Year Bring New Issues

Don’t Let the New Year Bring New Issues

Well, it’s crazy to think that another year has come and gone already, but here we are in 2019! As we look forward to what could be a fantastic year for each and every one of us, it is time to think about how you handle yourself at events like parties. Not knowing how to safely and adequately conduct yourself at an event can be the difference between having a great 2019 and have a dismal one, so be prepared with these helpful tips.

Partying With Substances

The consumption of alcohol has become so synonymous with parties that it is almost strange to picture one without any alcohol. This has set a dangerous precedent for party goers of all varieties, whether you are a college freshman attending a dorm party or a woman in her 40s going out to a bar with a few of her friends. It is because of this that there is such a sharp increase in the number of patients admitted to the emergency room for alcohol-related issues early in the new year.

Believe it or not, there are actually several ways in which you can celebrate without any consumption of drugs or alcohol. The best option is to find a party where you know alcohol will be scarce or even non-existent because then it makes it quite impossible to get intoxicated. The other options are to attend the party with a friend who you trust to keep alcohol or drug intake at a minimum and to have a social exit strategy that will help you avoid the awkwardness of having to explain to each and every person why it is that keep refusing to take anything.

Addiction and Resolutions

If you happen to be someone who suffers from drug or alcohol addiction, then parties can be particularly challenging. However, it can also present an excellent opportunity to make the life changes that you have been wanting to for a while. Rather than making a blanket statement resolution like “I want to never drink again” you can make smaller concrete goals that will actually help you achieve that ultimate milestone of never going back to your substance abuse.

One of the resolutions that you can make is to start relying more on your loved ones. After all, your loved ones are there to support you, but if you are pushing them away instead of embracing them, then you are attempting to do an incredibly hard thing all alone. No man is an island, so welcome the help of the people around you. This and dozens of other great addiction-related resolutions await you to fully embrace them and get yourself on the path to recovery in the new year.

Alternatively, you could also make it your resolution to read an inspirational book. Although some can be a bit over the top, a lot of inspirational books help people get into the right state of mind. This is a crucial step in overcoming any addiction struggles that you may have.

Keeping Sex Safe

Unsurprisingly, there is a strong correlation between the high numbers of extreme alcohol and drug intake at parties and the number of couple’s having unsafe sex. When one or more people involved are heavily affected by either drugs or alcohol, any sexual activities that do occur will very likely be done without reasonable protective measures. In fact, a recent study reported that 40% of individuals who had sex at parties did not use a condom merely because they did not have any with them.

With a percentage that high, chances are you or someone close to you is included as part of that statistic every year. Each time a condom is not used, it is another couple exposing themselves to very real and very dangerous possibilities of unwanted pregnancy or contracting STDs such as HIV and chlamydia.

Why you would not carry a condom with you when attending a party in today’s day and age is baffling. The best-case scenario is you have a condom and get to have sex free of the dangers of unprotected intercourse, and the worst-case scenario is you do not end up having sex and are still prepared for the next time that you want to have sex.

If you are one of the 40 percent of individuals who has had sex without a condom, then you could be affected by a deadly STD without even knowing it. Give yourself some peace of mind by getting tested today.

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